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When I began my career as an engineer, years ago I had great expectations that it would be my life's work. Who knew, that it was just the beginning, it was the foundation, it was the catalyst that would propel me to the place where I am today…owning a successful counseling and coaching business, a six-figure company that helps others, especially women to find their place, to stretch themselves, to know that whatever you want you can have.

I learn this all too well, when my career as an engineer became unstable and unpredictable. Imagined planning a thank you celebration for your contract workers last day on the job…to learn at the end of the day that it was your celebration also, that you have been let go…Fired! Talk about a blow to my ego. OUCH! But guess what, that wasn't the last chapter, it was the catalyst, the PUSH that inspired me to take action, to chart my own course.


I learn a great lesson during that chapter of my life...and guess what, I wouldn't change a thing!  Life’s challenges and setback are so necessary. It taught me that I didn't have to settle or get fixated on being an engineer.  After my third lay-off, I had, had enough, so I thought.  But I found another engineering position...I was on that job for 7 months. One morning I was getting ready for work...I turn to walk out of my bathroom, I felt a "pain" in my hip that brought me to my knees and sent me to the emergency room...What had happened? STRESS. I couldn't walk for three days. My primary doctor prescription, "Let Go...Quit Your Job!" I was in no position to quit work. I had a mortgage, car payment and other bills to pay. How could I quit? I asked for an additional week off and the doctor gave me the necessary paperwork to do just that. I went back to my stressful job! I shared this story in my book When Life Happens, read it. It is comical now but at the time I was frustrated, confused and didn't know what I was going to do. I went back to work on Monday...Tuesday...Wednesday I went to lunch...ate lunch and went home. That was it!  Have you ever had a "Last Lunch" moment?  I had to make the connection that I was out of alignment with my purpose, my calling in life.  After a short sabbatical, I got busy and I found my place and life has been amazing!  


Have You Ever Had A Last Lunch Moment? Let Me Hear From You
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Bio Marion Montgomery


Marion Montgomery is CEO and Founder of, a personal and professional development company committed to helping women realize their goals in life.  She is a master in motivating and teaching women how to find their place and win big in life. 


Marion began her career as an engineer working for several major corporations, but when her work as an engineer became unstable and unpredictable, Marion knew it was time to move on, and, FIND HER PLACE. Her passion for serving and helping others, lead her to pursue a certification in Mathematics from the University of Texas – Dallas. She worked as an educator for 7 years, encouraging, motivating and inspiring her students to ride hard the rails of opportunity.


Marion’s passion for helping women to live their best life has been the driving force for her success. She has been nationally recognized and featured in the “Huffington Post,” Houston’s Defender,” and a proud recipient of the National Association of Professional Women's VIP of the Year Award in 2014, for excellence and service. She is a graduate of Prairie View University, where she received a Mastered in Counseling and is Board Certified by the state of Texas.


Marion started her own successful private practice; OnPoint Counseling & Training Academy in Houston Texas. A year later she added a coaching business that quickly grew into a six-figure business. Her, Align Your Life Academy provides: signature coaching programs: Thrive 7.0 Level Up Your Life...Level Up Your Income; Online Courses: Unlock Your Brilliance and Mindset, Messaging & Money; Events: Find Your Place & Live Your Best Life Now and Women Empowerment Summit: When Life Happens: Dare, Stretch, & Prosper, which are strategically designed to help women reach their Next Level in life and Build Profitable Businesses.


As an author and speaker, Marion has touched the lives of many. Her best-selling book When Life Happens…Dare Stretch and Prosper has been featured on the ABC, FOX, CBS, NBC affiliate news websites! She has spoken to hundreds of women inspiring and motivating them to achieve greater success, and up level their attitudes, their efforts and strategic alliances to reach their full potential and live their best life ever.


Marion has spoken at events for colleges, schools, corporations, organizations and churches.


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