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Go Higher in Life + Business

Looking For A Phenomenal Speaker?

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I understand the importance of finding the best speaker. Someone who can build rapport quickly with your audience, someone who can inspire, motivate and move the audience to act, someone who can educate but entertain at the same time.

I’m Marion Montgomery,  for the past 25 years I have been speaking at colleges, high schools, and corporations.  The passion and details that I bring to the stage for corporate events, is the same passion and details that I bring to a small intimate event.  Whether it's a seminar, workshop, a women's retreats or a training, every opportunity to share is special and get's my full attention 



Most people believe that when good things happen to them, they are blessed by the best, that it's "good luck", or someone must've heard their prayer. But it's important to know that even when bad things happen to you, you are still blessed by the best. In this speech, Marion shows how she used her adversities as a guide to chart a new course for her life. A message of hope and inspiration. 

How To Dare... Stretch and Prosper

Do you feel as if you don't belong, you just don't fit in, that you are totally disconnected in your relationships, work, or life? Marion shares how to "Find Your Place" in this chaotic world. This message will inspire you to let go of the uncertainty, the doubt, and the feeling of "I'm not good enough". You will learn how to make meaningful connections in every area of your life by connecting to the center of "You". 

Five Steps to Building An Amazing Life + Business

You will learn:

  • The 7 Traits of A Great Leader

  • How to Take Your Influence to the Next Level

  • Influencing & Impacting Others

Awakening the
Leader Within

Do you feel disconnected, unloved, and unfulfilled in your relationship? Marion shares 7 life-changing points, on how you can create or rekindle passion, and experience more intimacy in your marriage, or relationship with your significant other. One of her greatest points is: "If You Want More, Give More".

Getting the Love You Deserve by Giving the Love You Want
  • Growing Pains: How to Lead & Not Follow

  • Go Higher: Blueprint For Success


  • Unconditional Self-Love

  • Growing Pains: How to Lead & Not Follow


  • Charting Your Own Course

  • With Degree In Hand: Networking Strategies That Get Results



Marion Montgomery Speaks sponsors workshops and seminars throughout the year, inspiring, motivating and encouraging participant to stretch, to believe bigger and build an Amazing Life + Business.

If you are interested in hosting a workshop with Marion Montgomery as the speaker, she can customize the speech, the topics, and workshops, to meet the need of any organization or event. 
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