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What exactly is Thrive 7.0 Signature System and What does it include? 

It is a 3or 6 months coaching program where you choose to focus on your life, career or business; or a hybrid which is a combination; life and career or life and business. The THRIVE 7.0 Signature System is all about helping you to find your place and empowering you to level up your mindset, transforming you, providing you with the tools, a plan and a system to help you to get what you want. Here’s what the system gets you to do:


Our  mindset is the backbone of who we are and how we approach situations, the way we sort out what's going on and what we should do about them. Your mindsets help you to see opportunities; but at the same time it can trap you in self-defeating cycles. We'll explore your:

  • Beliefs

  • Faith

  • Values

  • Emotions

  • Thoughts

  • Self-Esteem & Self-Worth

  • Barriers: Negative Thinking, Doubts, Fears, Unfulfillment, Stress + more


Aligning your purpose with your passion is about making a deep connection to who you were created to be. The goal is to help you to Find Your Place, Believe Bigger, to BLAST through the limiting beliefs that are keeping you from reaching your greatest potential, and BE a conscious CREATOR - all WHILE enjoying more confidence about yourself, owning your value, and really showing up to LIVE your purpose. You'll get the clarity and the confidence you need to go for your dreams. We'll help you:

  • Set Short and Long Term Goals

  • Create Your Breakthrough Goal

  • Monetize Your Gifts and Talents

  • Identify and Overcome Obstacles

  • Expand Your Self-Awareness


Your Personal Thrive 7.0 Coaching program is all about you and which area you want to focus on; life, career, business or a combination. Once you have completed the registration and enrollment process, you will receive your welcome packet that contains:  Find Your Place Deep Dive Assessment, Make The Connection (MTC) Profile, Life Map and Goals AT A Glance worksheets.  Your private one-on-one coaching begins with:


  • Session 1: A 90 min Strategy Session: We'll discuss and get clear on your goals and review your profile, life map and your goals at a glance worksheets. We'll create a plan on how best to spend our time together over the next 3 or 6 months and to ensure that whatever strategies we create are in complete alignment with you on all levels. The next session will be in two weeks. 

  •  Session 2: 60 min follow-up to make sure that our plans and strategies are working. During this session we will design a plan that will incorporate daily and weekly creative time, and self-care time. This is crucial to your success in any area of life.

Once you're in alignment with the plans, we will begin our one-on-one coaching. I'll be with you every step on this wonderful journey helping you in excuting your plans and setting you up to win big in your life, career, or business. Once you are in alignment with your purpose and have a masterplan and system in place you will have the FREEDOM to do what you love. 

Your Private Program will also include:


  • 3- 60 min session per month 

  • Unlimited Email Support

  • Recording of each call 

  • Weekly Mastering Mindset Motivational Tips 

  • Access To Find Your Place Masterclass

You'll Get:

Personal Growth  Plan

Your personal growth plan will have the tools, tips and activities to help you stay at the top of your game.

  • Your Life Map will help you to focus and grow in the areas where you are lacking peak performance.

  • Align Your Life Productivity and Time Tracker will help you to focus on what matters most and stay on task.

  • No more procrastination; you will finish what you started with our AYL Circle of Completion Wheel.

  • + So Much More

Career & Business

The 4 'M' Success System created by Marion catapulted her counseling practice to a multiple six-figure business within a year. 

  • Developing Success Habits

  • Leadership

  • Productivity

  • Communication Skills

  • Growth Plan

  • Influence + Infrastructure

  • Messaging + Markerting

  • +Much More

7-Step Align Your Life

Brand Makeover 

Did you know that you are a Brand? And, in order to Climb The Ladder of Life and get what you want, you have to have the "RIGHT STUFF."  So, what is the right stuff? It is Your BRAND and during our time together, Marion with help you to tap into your BRAND:

  • Brilliance

  • Readiness & Resources

  • Ability

  • Narrative (Your Story)

  • Discipline & Determination 

Income Plan

Your income plan is not a cookie cutter plan. We will review what's working/not-working for you both personally and professionally.

You will define:

  • What Wealth Means to You

  • Self-Investment

  • Financial Freedom in terms of How it Look & Feel

Then we will strategize to create your personal Income Plan 

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