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How to Fuel Your Motivation Tank

Are you self-motivated or do you need external things to motivate you?

Working in the corporate world was a challenge, especially when it came to maintaining my position as an engineer. After so many instances, being laid-off became second nature and I didn't have the privilege to feel sorry for myself. I had to keep moving. It was a challenge because my motivation was coming from outside circumstances. I wondered whether or not I could go on. You see; my self-esteem and my confidence began to dwindle. It's hard to stay motivated when things are not going well; the rent is due, the care note is due, and you have to choose between paying a bill or eating. When you are faced with obstacles and adversities; they are only temporary motivational factors. I lost my energy and my zest for life. I had to make a change. The "BIG Question" was "HOW?".

First of all, I had to stop the madness - the negative thinking, the self-doubt, the "show me" versus the "faith-me". I had to stay out of my own way and not allow my circumstances to dictate the level of my motivation. Secondly, I had to learn how to motivate myself; in the good times, as well as the challenging times. When I began to think positive and embrace the challenges; my life became more balanced. My overall well-being improved - the social, the physical, emotional, as well as the spiritual. Everything was in alignment. Third, I stopped focusing on "finding a job", and meditated on "finding me!", finding that "something", that "place" that was meant for ME, and only me to do. I was on a journey; and motivation was one of the primary tools I used to stay on that path of discovery. Being motivated and self-motivation is an essential element in accomplishing and realizing your dreams. Motivation is a process and it doesn't come easily. It "affects us" on different levels; changing our thoughts, feelings and actions. Motivation evolves over time. It ebbs and flows, strengthens and weakens; reacting dynamically to the challenges we face."

How do you fuel your motivational tank? I started by investing in me; attending workshops and seminars, reading books, researching and seeking knowledge on "what makes great people great", learning the power of positive thinking, and believing that what one person can do, I can do also. Did the change happen overnight? NO! Was my self-motivation level high at all times? NO! Was I determined? YES! I was hungry for success and prosperity. I wanted to be the one that charted my own course. No more "I'm sorry, we have to let you go". Now, I am the author and the director of my life; this not only motivates me, it fuels me. Do I still encounter setbacks and disappointments? Yes, but I've learned that they are essential tools in helping me to create, and live a full, rewarding life.

What is one thing you can do today to fuel your motivational tank? I would love to hear from you.

Join me on Facebook and Twitter with the hashtag #MarionMSpeaksMotivation, and share your thoughts on what motivates you.

"Ability is what you're capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do.

Attitude determines how well you do it."

- Lou Holtz

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