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What Do You Do Daily to Move You Closer to Your Dreams?


Do you desire success? Do you spend countless hours working? Does your mind go to a place of, “Is this worth it?” We have all experience thoughts of is it worth it! To seize success and creating the life you want is a time of excitement, and empowerment. You want to "go higher," you're thinking, what can I do to get to the next level. You have a plan. However, when life happens, and things are not going as plan, you become stressed and overwhelmed. We have all been there! I have in my office a framed quote, that says, “It’s the Stops That Inspires Us to Go.” I encouraged you too stop. My client Betty shared, “I knew I had to get off the hamster wheel, because I was going nowhere fast. I was a solopreneur, but I felt like an overworked employee.” Can you relate? I can.

To Seize your success, you have to find your place, get aligned, get integrated, get results. What can you do daily to seize your success? There are three (3) rituals, I use each day. They are a part of the twelve (12) rituals my clients and I practice weekly. The 12 Seize Your Success Rituals: How to Move from Where You Are…To Where You Want to Be has helped hundreds of my clients to achieve results daily. To begin your journey in creating the life you desire, always (1) Be in the moment, (2) Invest in yourself and (3) Measure your success daily.


To seize success and to take our lives to the next level, we need to understand how crucial it is to be in the moment and a “peak state.” The best time to get into a peak state is in the morning. Before we turn on the news, before we leave our home, before we check-in with social media, we need to make sure our mind, emotions and feelings are well girded.

My ritual begins with stretching exercise; while I’m still in bed. My mind is on thanksgiving and gratitude. Then I spend time in refreshing my spiritual being. I set aside 30 -45 minutes each morning to get into a peak and positive state of mind. Here are a few questions to get you started:

· What is the first thing you do before you get out of bed?

· Do you give thanks?

· Do you speak blessings, affirmations or declarations over your day?

· Do you pray, read or meditate on inspirational or motivational materials?

· Do you do exercise (5- 15 minutes) physical activity?

· Do you ask yourself empowering questions?

· Do you know your goals for the day?

Not only has this changed my life, but the life of my clients as well. Begin now to Be in The Moment.


Your success in business or life depends on how much time you spend sharpening your skills. This is an individual process; however, research has shown that highly successful people take time for themselves, time to heal mentally and emotionally, time to dream and plant seeds of greatness within. What can you do with an hour a day?

· Learn a new skill

· Read an inspirational book that will inspire you to be “all-in.”

· Spend 10 minutes of quiet time visualizing your dream.

· Listen to teaching Cd’s (at home or in your car)

· Take an online course

· Hire a Coach

To have what you want in life requires commitment, consistency and the courage to stay the course, especially when life happens. Being prepare and in the right “state” or frame of mind will help you to move from where you are to where you desire to be.

Ritual 3: Measure Your Success Daily

Why is it important to measure your success daily? This is a question that we should answer each day. If we don’t track our successes and failures, then how can we know if we are moving closer to achieving our dreams. Here are some helpful hints to help you measure your success each day:

· Have an accountability partner

· Create a tracking system

· Practice Journaling

Measuring where you are is essential to moving toward your dreams. Remember, success is planned.

Food for Thought:

What areas in your life do you want to improve on or take to the next level? Do you want more income? Do you want a more passionate relationship? Do you want to take your career to a new level? Do you want to improve your health both physically and emotionally? Seizing your success in any area of your life starts with intention, be intentional each day by implementing the rituals above. If you want to learn more about the 12 Seize Your Success Rituals and you want to work with me go to for more information and to subscribe to my website. When you implement these three rituals daily you will begin to seize your success.

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